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by women who care

Bill Chisnell Productions is exclusively for the belle donnas’. We hope to bring forth stories that will inspire millions of women out there. At Bill Chisnell Productions we strive to give wings to a woman’s confidence and dreams through positive, purposeful and enterprising content.

The sassy girls at the Bill Chisnell Productions are on a mission to empower women worldwide and to make them feel empowered. Every voice that has ever been repressed will be heard here. We firmly believe that women are beautiful irrespective of their vital stats, skin tone, age or sexuality.


We relentlessly strive to inform women about a wide range of topics, even those that had previously been silenced by the judgmental society. Women can be enabled and empowered by being among kindred souls who can relate to every issue faced by them every day.


We bring to the foray, a wide range of women’s issues, and try to reach out to a maximum number of girls and women across the world. At Bill Chisnell Productions, we are always ready to lend a helping hand to our sisters in need of advice and support.